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References, Templates, and Presentations

This is a collection of references, templates, and presentation used throughout this guide.


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Threat Get's a VoteDig deeper in the need for the threat perspective here.


operator_log.xlxsOperator Log (xlsx) template
operator_log.csvOperator Log (csv) template
redteam_ROE_example.docxRule of Engagement template
redteam_report_example.docxRed Team Report Template

Presentations from the Authors

Joe Vest

October 2021The Hacker Factory PodcastCareer OverviewDiscussion of my journey in infosec
September 2021Wild West Hackin FestWhy we Red Team - The Real Value of Threat EmulationA presentation on the true value of threat based engagement to improve security operations ability to deal with real threats
September 2021SeigeCastCobalt Strike BasicsDiscussion of Cobalt Strike bascis with Tim Medin and Red Seige
August 2021Def Con 29 Adversary VillagePanel discussion on Adversary Simulation, Emulation or Purple teamingPanel of security professionals
July 2021401 Access Denied PodcastRed Team 101: Offensive SecurityDiscussion on what red teaming is and shedding light on common misconceptions
March 2021DCP PodcastEpisode 4In Episode 4, we talk to Joe Vest from AWS. Joe's extensive background in both detection and red teaming provides a valuable perspective on detection engineering.
June 2020Test Guild Security PodcastProfessional Red TeamingDiscussion on professional red teaming
May 2020Daily Cyber 225 PodcastRed Team DiscussionRed team discussion